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Monday, 13 July 2020

Wokey Blokes and Internalised Misogyny

Anyone who has been involved in the gender critical movement over the past few years may well have noticed, I do not see how you cannot have, the rise in left leaning men, typically bearded with indignant faces, supporting the TRA cause.

At first I thought that it was the usual trope, that some men integrate themselves with left leaning women in order to have sex with them.  Paying word service to causes like feminism in a bid to gain "points" and sexual favours.  Scratch away the surface and you find that their beliefs do not run as deep as their want to corner the feminist market.

This is of course, I shouldn't need to say it, not by any means a description of all men of a left leaning political stance.  I know and respect so many men who would state their political belief as being on the left, but we cannot deny that the trope exists.

Their counter parts would be the woman who throw other women under the bus to carry favour with men.  Typically and interestingly, these men are typical right leaning.  These types of women are the ones that decry that feminism is evil and is destroying male and female relationships.

But I have had a thought about these left leaning men who support the TRA movement that I cannot get out of my brain.  

Supporting trans rights activists, going against women who support sex based rights and campaign to keep our safe spaces, is the perfect excuse for misogyny.  In showing their support they are effectively given carte blanche to shout at, abuse, threaten, dismiss, talk over and try to control women; with no repercussion or even notice.  It is allowed and even encouraged.

If you are a so called "TERF", a label which I reject firstly because it is a label that they give us, not that we choose and secondly; because while I support, agree and applaud many aspects, beliefs and causes that feminists raise notice to and campaign for, I do not call myself a feminist.  Because I have come to a place in my place where I regret all labels.  I am SO tired of labels.

I have come to believe, rightly or wrongly and I welcome comments either way, that there is a definite section of left leaning men who support the TRA cause who are using it as a way to express a want, or a need to control women that until now, they either didn't know they had, or before did not have an avenue to be able to express freely.  I feel the second is more likely.

Think about it.  How many times have you been talked down to, told vehemently what to think, with what seems like massively barely suppressed anger by a what is typically a bearded woke man?  How many times have you been threatened, abused and abused by someone who claims to support women and support feminism?

By supporting the TRA movement they are allowed and encouraged and applauded to shout us down and abuse us.  And some are reviling in it.  The far left who repeat the mantra "trans women are women" allow them to do this and act this way out in the open and without recourse.

That makes a curious mix of left leaning women (and other men who do not participate) allowing other women to treated this way.  How do intersectional feminists (the term intersectional at this point has been completely eroded from its original meaning) condone this?

How did the woke get so woke that abusing women who do not bend the knee to transactivism is now allowed and worse, encouraged?

I believe that there are a section of men who, whilst left leaning in many/every other aspect of their lives have an underlying, suppressed and need to still control women.  This movement has given them the opportunity to express those feelings.

In all honesty, I have a greater fear of those men, fuelled by an ever growing trope that they are on the apparent right side of history, than men whom I equally do not agree with who claim that women belong in the home and men are the rightful "masters of the house".

Because their actions and words are encouraged.  Cheered.  

They are the men that I fear.  So should you.  They are angry.  They want control us and with big businesses/large corporations and even parts of the government agreeing with them, they are now allowed to attack us with free reign and without guilt or remorse.

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