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Wednesday, 22 May 2019

A New Beginning

Well hello!  Welcome to my new blog. Now, where to begin?

I first started to blog ten years ago and joined Twitter about a year after.  Both my blog and my Twitter account helped me with many things such as improving my confidence and talking to people.  The most important thing that both did for me however was let me finally find my voice.

Ten years ago I would not have said boo to a goose, let alone share my thoughts online.  Today, I am somewhat different.  I am no longer the quiet girl in the corner without an opinion.  I have the people I met on Twitter and my blog to thank for that.

The world however now is a different place to the one it was when I first came online.  People are different and views change every other day.  Goal posts have moved and the rule book at this point has not only been thrown out of the window; it has been set on fire.

I am a gender critical feminist.  Standing up for women, women's rights and women's safe spaces is a hill I would die on. 

That, according to TRAs, makes me a Terf.  Someone who needs punching.  People are being blocked, unmasked, deplatformed, threatened and fired for saying the same things that I think.  I will always say these things, but I also love my life and cannot lose my livelihood so a choice had to be made.

So I decided to start anew and anonymous.  A new blog and a new Twitter.

Closing down my old accounts, especially my blog, broke my heart.  They in no small way built the person that is writing to you now.  I cannot explain that because that would be telling you more about me.  Which is something I can no longer do.

But I am excited to be in this new space.  With leave to say whatever I wish and write about whatever I want.  It's a new day.

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